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Baabel-käännösväännös pelistä.
Superleague: The Atleti waited for to the final sigh Mar Prieto raised of penalti the only goal of the encounter

In the end won that insisted more looking for the goal. The Athletic one of Madrid had to suffer for being able to mark somewhat, mainly in the first part, but it did not let fight and to six minutes of the end it obtained the wished prize. Neither Athletic of Madrid nor the Alcaine Transports were both equipment that faced in September in Zaragoza. Both pictures have matured and improved much and they demonstrated it in a duel very disputed in which neither it wanted to give his arm to twist.

In the eve of the party Maria Vargas it said that she waited for a hard shock, in whom the Alcaine Transports was not going to let play its rival, and thus was. The zaragozanas closed much the spaces and pressed to rojiblancas in the center of the field, reason why to look for a hollow and to face portería rival became very complicated.

The premises had opposite to a very fast equipment that took advantage of the game in band to be able to arrive at the area. Barbarian, the Brazilian who finishes getting up itself to the set of Nico Pedraza, became the best partner of a Verónica Boquete in great state of form. The connections between the two players by both flanks, the rapidity of Verónica and good regate of the South American woman, put on approval to the lateral colchoneras, that they had to make a great work of containment to cut the game of the two adversaries.

As of minute 15 of party more occasions of goal were seen. The Alcaine Transports tried it first with Barbarian, but Estefi aborted the action with the foot. The Athletic one of Madrid responded with a good closing of Olga that left nearly. The party, very disputed in the center of the field, became very hard, and the victim was Cris, that was damaged a knee and had to be replaced by Salguero. Later of this scare, the Athletic one of Madrid took another one when Verónica, placed in the frontal del area, left the ball him to Silvia, that arrived from back, but the 15 zaragozana above sent to the ball by del stringer.

Those of Maria Vargas they did not remain quiet and in the last play of the first part Mar Prieto it gave him happens in short to Jenni, that was turned and marked, although the colegiado one annulled as much by out of play. This action was the demonstration of which the party was governed on a very subtle balance that one of both equipment could break at any time to take the cat to the water. Nevertheless, the goal took much more in arriving.

Ana Leon was brilliant in minute 14 of the second part when cutting happens to average height of Barbarian for Verónica that could have been very dangerous. Later, this time in the other area, Jenni struck of head the ball and a defense of the Alcaine touched the ball with the hand, although the referee did not see it and let follow the game. The following minutes were a constant daca taking and on the part of both equipment, although the Athletic one little by little went to more before a rival than, poorer of ideas, it had to use his forces to defend itself instead of attacking.

Maria Vargas invited the equipment not to let push and by aim, in a counterstroke, Raquel needed to him to Laura Salguero in the small area del Alcaine and the referee tooted penalti. Dark sea was in charge to send the Maxima pain and it did not fail. They lacked only six minutes so that the encounter finished. Athletic, the strong ones by this winning goal, the last ones resisted and desperate attempts of the rivals to tie the party and even had time to create other two occasions of goal, first with a closing of Mar Prieto and soon with a blow on the head of Pilar, but in the end the marker remained in 1-0.

Those of Maria Vargas they follow the good gust of wind of positive results since the second return began and add therefore the most important victory that it places to them to a single classified point of seventh of Superliga and lets to him watch with positive attitude to the next commitment before Oviedo.

AT. Madrid Féminas 1 - T. Alcaine 0

Atlético de Madrid Féminas: Estefi; Mayte, Ana León, María Cabezón, Rocío; Chini (Yoli, 76’), Mar Prieto, Olga (Sonia, 68’), Jenni (Juni, 76’); Cris (Salgue, 39’) y Pilar.

Transportes Alcaine: Andreia; Eva (Laura, 83’), Raquel, Susana, Marta; Sanna, Letti, Silvia, Bárbara; Verónica y Sira.
Incidences: Hill of the Hawthorn. They attended the encounter 200 people. The physical preinn of the feminine Spanish selection, Javier Vélazquez, was present at the party.

 GOALS 1-0 (84 '). Mar Prieto mark of penalti.


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Valmentajan ajatuksia tappion jälkeen.

Maria Vargas: "Before the Alcaine the equipment gave to a giant passage" the colchonera trainer is materializing a good debut in Superleague has not been easy to obtain it, but the players of the Athletic Madrid Féminas have taken a very important victory before Trasportes Alcaine and added thus three key points to hold their position in the classification. The trainer Maria Vargas was expected a very hard party and ugly, in whom rojiblancas would have to work to be able much to develop their game, and thus she was.

The preparadora rojiblanca commented that "we knew that they were not going to let to us play. It waited for a rival who would try to cut our game and in a robbery of ball from the center of the field she would lie down above in one against trying to mark. The party in fact was more difficult of which it thought. They left to the field with the intention to annul to Mar Prieto so that she could not organize the game, and tried to destroy our game, but in the end we could with them ".

Most important for the colchonera trainer it is without a doubt "the attitude that had the equipment. That was most positive of everything. We cannot say that we played well, but did not let insist and look for the goal, mainly in the second part ". In addition, which it liked much to Maria Vargas was that "after the goal we knew to keep the result. We do not come back, since we did in Seville of a form that ended up doing damage to us, but that we even continued playing above and we had the opportunity to mark another goal ".

The party before the Alcaine Transports was a key shock in the last day of League because the direct rivals of the Athletic Madrid faced the great ones of Superliga - safe in the case of the Lagunak and Oviedo -, reason why the moment was propitious to be able to add points and to be distanced of the others. For that reason Maria Vargas emphasized that "it was the perfect day to stick that pull because now we will go to Oviedo with five points more than the Asturian set, which constitutes a good mattress for us. The shock will not be easy because we will visit a complicated field, but at least we go with a little more confidence. The fact to gain a party without the rivals let to you play has been a giant passage because I believe that an equipment must know how to win when it also gambles well and when it gambles bad ".


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Transportes Alcaine - Rayo Vallecano 1 - 2
Ei taida enää helppoja olla vastassa.

Klubin naisten huoneessa taas tyypillistä (?) suomalaisasennetarinaa. Josko sitä kuitenkin jotain positiivista vois yrittää löytää itsestään.


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Raportin mukaan jotain hyvää tapahtui Shannalle kuitenkin.


Superleague: The Alcaine, thundered against Rayo

Natalia Pablos fell down to the Alcaine, that loses his first end

New defeat of the Transports Alcaine, this time before the Vallecano Ray by 1-2, and once again the Aragoneses left to the points in the last minutes of the party, since it has already happened so many times during this season. The goal of the victory arrived when only they lacked five minutes for the end of the encounter, but the international advantage Natalia de Pablos was in charge of which the points traveled from the field of the Sugar bowl (campo de La Azucarera). The advantage stood single in front of the Brazilian doorman of the Alcaine Transports, who did not have yesterday one of her better performances and she could not avoid the goal that supposed the 1-2 for the Ray. Previously the one in charge to obtain the tie for the visitors had been this same player.

The set that directs Nicholas Pedraza lost this way three important points that it had begun gaining when to the fourteen minutes Verónica Boquete was able to advance to the zaragozanas, after a good one happens (tras un buen pase) of Sannah Malaska. The Vallecano Ray had warned from the end of the first part of which it was not going to remain of arms crossed before the goal of Boquete, and little it cost to her to tie after the passage by clothes. The Alcaine had failed to take advantage of several occasions that had arrived from the boots of one of the last incorporations of the zaragozano equipment, Barbara Brazilian advantage, that could have given the return to him to the party of to have obtained 2-0. But with the defeat, the Alcaine seguira one more week as colist of Feminine Superliga and will have to score in its next exit to Madrid, where it will be moderate before the Torrejón.


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Voitto sarjakutosesta.
Torrejón  - T. Alcaine  1-2 (1-0)

Babelväännöksen mukaan ilman Shannaa.

Superliga: The Alcaine merienda the points of the Torrejón Mañas gave the return him to the result in a party I lack of mordant

The lack of success auctioneer of the Torrejón became the greater benefit of a Alcaine that with this victory adjusts of the salvation. The one that it pardons ends up paying and that it was the history of an encounter of which there is to emphasize the faith of the Alcaine in removing benefit from the party.

The party began with clear a dominator. The Torrejón took control of the ball and the first occasions were hers. Saray warned in minute 7, when its firing went away to him crossed. Blond Ana, to little retook the offensive power and missed also her occasion.

The Torrejón followed patient and the Alcaine did not connect the defense with the advantage. The Torrejón found many hollows and in one of them Marl it went into by the left band, sending to a center chut that ended up kissing the stringer.

The party continued equal. Noelia Mejías, torrejonera guardameta, were one more a spectator before I want and I cannot of Veronica Boquete and the Alcaine. The Torrejón braided with much patience its occasions. The passivity of the defense tomorrow before the frontal caused that the Torrejón had several occasions that went away outside. And in the 35 the first goal arrived from the party. Again the defensive passivity of the marks of the Alcaine was left patent, when it happens of Patri Sanz arrived at Blond Ana (= Ana Rubio), who in spite of being surrounded by white, was single and wrote down to pleasing the goal that seemed to lay the way.

To both minutes of the goal, a good robbery in the middle field caused one against for the Torrejón that Blond Ana, in spite of having better possibilities in other companions, gambled solo and was mistaken, sending the ball over the frame defended by international the Brazilian Andreia.

Before the rest Marti it enjoyed one of the clearest occasions of the party. Eshter went into in the area of Andreia and its firing, that Andreia cleared in semifailure, fell in the feet of Marti, hasty, returned to send high.

With the goal and the game of the Torrejón everything made anticipate that the victory was close, but the second time gave the reason to that that said who pardons it, it ends up it paying.

The second time was an accumulation of imprecisiones and there was no clear a dominator. Neither equipment position was made of the ball and the Alcaine was better reader of the party. Mazazo arrived in minute 19 when Sira took advantage of a defensive hollow to stand in front of Noelia to which it beat by flat of toe. As much it left ice cream to the public of Torrejón that was not expected east goal.

The Torrejón entered a dynamics to do without thinking and the Alcaine, envalentonado, fought each ball. The game from was little showy and vague here. The Alcaine, quiet in its game and without great florituras, put in jams to the Torrejón although without clear danger. Mañas arrived at the frontal but they were not able to flank the defense of the Torrejón reason why it had to be a firing crossed from the frontal which put in vilo to the Veredillas. Noah, in a great one stretched, turned aside to corner the launching. The entrance from Jade to the field gave a new air to the team of Laura Torvisco. The international even had 25 minutes to give a joy to the Madrilenians.

A boarding school hers from the left band was the last cartridge of the Torrejón, but its firing left stop.

The party was wild and was too many hollows between lines reason why the goal could arrive for anyone. The Torrejón, that played with more heart than head, was discomfort in the field and the tie weighed to him too much. Mañas, on the other hand, by far that to win little and that to lose followed his.

The goal of the alcainera victory `' arrived at least was expected. In minute 44 Silvia Meseguer sent a pretty cannon shot that was strained after the loose deflection of fist of Noelia. The ball left the fist of Noelia towards the stringer and the ball entered goal, untying the joy of the public maño and the bench.

Mañas, that not yet knew the victory at home, has left beneficiaries the tie harvested between Barça and Lagunak. In spite of staying oneself as colists, a single point separates them of the salvation. The week that comes they will receive in La Azucarera to the Athletic, a difficult party to add points.

With this defeat the Torrejón is continued moving away gradually of the fifth seat but its goal, that was to enter Glass, even follows close. The deception in the torrejonero side will have to be amended in the difficult field of Oviedo, where the equipment of the high part of the table has suffered to remove points.

Torrejón  - T. Alcaine  1-2 (1-0)

Torrejón: Noelia, Marta, Raquel, Laura, Marl, Esther, Marti, Saray, Patri Sanz (Jade m.66'), Esther C. and Blond Ana.

IAWG T. Alcaine: Andreia, Leti, Noah, Susana, Sira, Vero, Silvia, Raquel (Lara m.88), Marta, Barbarian (Leire m.86') and Ana (Laura m.62').
Goals: 1-0 Blond Ana (m.35); 1-1 Sira (m.64'); 1-2 Silvia Meseguer (m.88')

Incidences: Municipal stage of the Veredillas. 200 spectators. Vicky Conde and Lidia Mora'n sub14 on the part of Madrid made the honor serve after the attainment of the Championship of Spain of fútbol7 in category, equipment of which was integral.


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Superliiga kasvaa 16 joukkeeseen.
Superleague: The extension of the competition to 16 equipment is confirmed
Also are in debate the territorial selections sub25

Hace already several seasons that the rumor runs by clothes and the fields of Superleague and this same season has confirmed that the competition is going to happen of 14 to 16 equipment. The proposal was clear, the competition had to grow. All were in agreement with a reservation, and is the time in which the extension measurement had to be applicable.

The rumors made indicate that it would be this same season when the number of new equipment would be 4 but by little clear reasons, will not be until season 08/09 when the measurement is applied.

The ascent way will be just as the disputed one until this same season, with the only reservation of which instead of both raising the leader of each one of groups, they will raise both better. The reductions will be irrevocable reason why they will descend both last classified from Superliga of season 07/08.


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Ilman kotiin seikkailultaan palannutta Shannaa tuli jumbolle niukka tappio kärkijoukkueelle.


T. Alcaine  - Athletic 2 - 3

Superleague: The Alcaine planted face to the Athletic
Rojiblancas  suffered in the end to obtain the three points

In spite of the difficulties, the Athletic is not arranged cede territory towards the way to a new liguero title. The Bilbaoans, which they were always superficially in the marker, suffered and had to put the work monkey to overcome to a planted good Alcaine Transports. The fort wind loved to be protagonist in a pretty duel player between leader and colist.

Itziar opened to the marker taking advantage of a good one passes of Eli Ibarra, doing impossible the shutdown of Andreia, that little could do before the subtility of the goal.

The luck would not be allied with the Athletic that saw as in an unfortunate play Tzibi a ball combed backwards and wrote down in own door the goal of the tie for mañas. It was not the only scare that received Sensi of its compeñeras, because shortly after - minute 28 - it had to make a great shutdown to avoid the goal, after clears, in own door of Guru.

Shortly after Itzi was on the verge of repeating azaña of the first goal, but this time its closing of head left slightly high.

When it was left little for the rest, Irune did the second of the pupils of Iñigo Juaristi. Eli Ibarra, again, left in tray a ball so that Iru lodged in portería of Andreia the second for rojiblancas, that with this mazazo for mañas, left to clothes.

The Alcaine Transports did not lie down back and tried to write down as rapidly as possible, in spite of the putsch, the Athletic lowered the ball and it was appropriated the average field, touching with knowledgeable patience of the importance of these three points in a so difficult field.

When 15 had only passed minutes of the second Erika time it sentenced the three points after a great goal. An individual play from the left band finished with a great shot of Erika that after giving in the stringer, was strained in portería local.

The Alcaine lay down above and began to abuse the long ball to the area of Sensi. In one of them, young Gallego Verónica Boquete, took advantage of rejects in the stringer to write down the second of the white ones.

Great party of the Alcaine, that tried, although without clarity, to tie the marker, but would be arrived in the end with the result of 2-3 for the Athletic, that continues stable in the first position. They will receive in Lezama to Oviedo in two weeks, after the rest that will take place by the dispute of the Championship of territorial selections.

Mañas, on the other hand, will visit the difficult field of the Sport City of Sant Adrià to try to scratch to the Espanyol some point that removes them from the zone of reduction.

T. Alcaine: Andreia, Leti, Raquel, Susana, Laura (Conchi m.80 '), Sira, Marta, Vero, Silvia, Barbarian (Leyre m.73 ') and Eva.

Athletic: Ainhoa, Vanessa, Marta M., Itziar, Tzibi J., I.Murua (Jessi m90 '), A.Olabarrieta, Ibarra, Guru, Erika (Arrate m.82 ') and Eba (Lorena m.73 '). Árbitraje: Martinez Turón, helped in the bands by Perales and Cuartero.

Goals: 0-1 Izti (m.24 '); 1-1 Tzibi p.p. (m.26 '); 1-2 Irune Murúa (m.41 '); 1-3 Erika (m. 61 '); 2-3 Vero B. (m. 85 ')